Velona Cuddles OverNyts Baby Diapers - Large -24Pcs

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    The Velona Cuddles Ultra Slim Overnyts Diaper is Designed for Sleep

    • Large - 9-14 Kg

    Wrap your baby in the best comfort

    • Plush pearl embossed top sheet
      Our soft cotton liner has tiny pillows with a cushiony layer that gently wraps your baby in feather like softness
    • 3D Form fitting Design
      Our snug fit & efficient leakage barrier has been perfected by the R&D team that utilizes a large 3D scanner with a number of synchronized cameras to record measurements of the shape, fit and movement of our diapers, while babies play in a natural environment.

    Keep your baby dry through the night

    • Super Absorbency
      The premium SAP technology at the core of the Overnyts diaper can handle even the heaviest of nights
    • Up to 12 hours of protection
      The super water-lock function protects against leaks for upto 12 hours. However regular changes are recommended in order practice good hygiene and maintain healthy skin.

    Ensure your baby is Safe & Healthy

    • Natural Aloe Vera Liners
      The soothing natural Aloe Vera helps to moisturizethe baby’s dedicate skin and keep it healthy
    • 100% Chlorine Free
      Velona Cuddles is the only diaper brand in Asia to use chlorine free raw materials.