Rotatable Bottle and Nipple Brush - Farlin

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Farlin 360 Degree Rotating Bottle and Nipple brushes come with a unique handle which enables you to wash bottles in 2 different ways. Vertical Wash – Use the brush handle and bristles in straight up and down the action. Circular Wash – Hold the handle firmly and rotate the brush inside the bottle. The Radiate nylon bristles of high density have been designed for effective & safe cleaning without scratching. The brushes are also used for washing other baby articles, household cups or items.

  • 360 Degree rotating cleaning action helps clean the bottles effectively after every feed
  • Farlin brushes have high density bristles cleaning hard to reach places in your baby’s bottle
  • Farlin Soft and durable Nylon bristles ensure safe cleaning without scratching
  • Thorough and effective cleaning is ensured due to radiate bristles of the brush
  • Rust Free, Specially designed with provision of hanging