Baby Vision Colour Flash Cards - 6-12Months

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These flash cards are suitable for babies from 6 to 12 months, contains 20 colour pictures, used for visual stimulation training
Including early childhood enlightenment knowledge necessary for children, such as points, literacy, recognition, language, etc.
The whole set of picture cards is exquisitely vivid and scientifically arranged.
Helps to improve the baby's cognitive skills, language skills, observation skills, memory and many other key abilities.
  • Stimulate the brain: stimulate the development of the brain through interesting educational activities for babies and help focus with high-contrast flashcards.
  • Black and white images: Studies have shown that babies are more likely to react to contrasted black and white images,
  • This makes this book ideal for young eyes.
  • High-quality materials: Appreciate outstanding quality and practical design
The double-sided and oversize cards are made of cardboard and present contrasting illustrations based on the baby's vision.

Package Includes:
20*Early Education Sheets