Baby Milestone Block Set

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·         Safe Material: wooden baby milestone blocks are made of natural solid wood that is carefully polished, safe, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. It is the best choice for recording a baby's growth process! It is also the best choice for a baby's birth and baptism! We take baby product safety very seriously, which is the most important thing.

·         Specially designed for babies: These beautiful baby milestone blocks are perfect for photography props! With a gender-neutral modern design, you can arrange these milestone blocks as you like to take cute and unforgettable photos of your little one and record every exciting moment of your baby!

·         Educational and Fun: Our baby milestone blocks are not just toys, but educational tools that help track your baby's growth milestones. Each block represents a significant developmental stage, making learning and playing a seamless experience.

·         Perfect Gift for Babies: Whether it's a birthday, a baby shower, or just a special occasion, our baby milestone blocks are the perfect gift to celebrate your little one's milestones.

·         Package: You will get a 3-piece set of age milestone blocks with a net bag. The set contains 2 square and 1 rectangles. The wooden blocks contain "weeks", "months", "years" and a few numbers that may well suit your needs.