Inflatable Animal Swim Ring - Assorted Styles

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  • Cute animal style ring floats, including a dragon, frog ,tiger, Alligator, Unicorn and Llama swim rings
  • Infated sizes approx.  80 cm x 60 cm (30 Inch x 24 Inch)
  • Assorted styles, Any one of the Animal Style will be supplied depending on their availability
  • Maintenance Check seams and valves regularly for wear and tear. Clean the product after each use with water and air dry thoroughly before storage.
  • Storage Ensure the product is thoroughly clean and dry first. Open the air valve and deflate the device completely. Fold the device loosely and avoid sharp bends, corners and creases which can damage the device. Close the inflation valve cap back. Store in a dry place and indoors.
  • Regarding the sizing issue: the product is designed for user age range from 3 to 6 years old. The inner diameter when inflated is approximately 23cm (+/- 1cm)