Baby Cooling Gel Patch

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  • The cooling gel patches are made of good quality material and comfortable for skin.
  • It is used to reduce fever temperature, relieve migraine and headache, cool and prevent heatstroke, relieve fatigue, and refreshment.
  • Each patch can last for 8 hours. Consider the health and function of this product, please use it only once.
  • Tightly adhere with forehead, not easy to fall down. Portable and easy operated: it is ready to use at anytime and anywhere. Long lasting cooling effect, fast cooling down and make your pain relief.
Fever Cooling Patch 20pcs 8 Hours Fever Cooling Gel Pads

Hydrophilic Polymer Gel:


  • Does not irritate the skin, has a moderate viscosity, and has a long-lasting viscosity. It is similar to the pH of the skin's surface protective film and is mild to the skin.
  • Scientific PC isolation protective film has barrier properties to water, oxygen, hydrogen and other gases. Its tear and wear resistance are better than other water-soluble resins.