DreamGro Plush Animal Toys - Lion

Rs 3,500.00


Product Description

  • How It Works - Buttons on hands : Left hand plays lullaby music, right hand lights up plush animals' tummy - Velcro strap for crip placement
  • Material - Made with soft Velboa and Polyester materials
  • Sound Feature - 3 soothing melodies designed to help infants fall asleep faster
  • Material - Made with soft Velboa and Polyester materials
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed

Create a calming and soothing environment in your nursery room with our Light and Lullaby Soother. This plush animal features two hands, with a button on each hand for easy control. The left hand plays gentle lullaby music, while the right hand lights up the plush animal's tummy in five different colors. Made with soft Velboa and polyester materials, this soother is comfortable to hold and snuggle with. The Velcro strap in the back of the neck allows for easy attachment to your baby's crib. The five-color nightlight creates a serene ambiance in the room, while the three soothing melodies help your baby fall asleep faster. The timer function allows you to set the duration of the music and lights to help your baby sleep soundly through the night. Our Light and Lullaby Soother is the great addition to your nursery room, providing a comforting and calming presence for your little one. Order yours today and help your baby sleep better tonight!


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